We create top of the line streetwear clothing and accessories, that are Made in Europe according to European standards, using top quality materials.
Aesthetic, simplicity and comfort are our guiding principles. Our objective is to respond to real needs and thereby encourage a reasonable and responsible mode of consumption. We have disconnected from the system, in order to reconnect to our true identity, to life essentials.
We are DCNTD.

Elie Yaffa a.k.a BOOBA, essential artist and producer in the (FRENCH) rap scene, is also a seasoned entrepreneur.

Further to the success of his first streetwear brand in France, in 2019 he wished to create a new brand that would embody his ever more discerning vision of fashion, together with his increased sensitivity to new ecological imperatives and sustainable development goals.

This translated into a particularly modernist approach built around innovative and noble materials, alongside a desire to adopt simplicity in design. Offering a pure and powerful aesthetic, combined with the most environmentally responsible manufacturing and operating techniques available today.

Elie Yaffa’s unique vision of the world, his instinct and flair for capturing the times, permeates the DNA of DCNTD

Anthony “TOME” Neal revealed his personality as a graffiti artist in Germany from an early age. Fascinated by the aesthetics of his GI father’s military equipment, Tome began making his own clothes from army surplus at a very young age: strength and comfort then became the foundations of the future designer’s artistic vision.

A graduate of a graphic arts school, Tome quickly drew interest from major streetwear brands (Phatfarm, Ecko, Southpole, Patrick Ewing, etc.) with which Tome began his career as a designer.

But it was in 2005, when the Rocawear brand was looking for its European designer, that Jay-Z spotted Tome’s talent and hired him. Tome went on to design the Rocawear collections for the international market for the next ten years.

Tome, the designer, with his longtime accomplice, Booba, introduces DCNTD to the world and through it projects his vision of an elegant and visionary streetwear fashion concept/line.

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